Young M.A – Bake Freestyle

Young M.A. Flexes Melodic Sensibilities On “Bake Freestyle”

Young M.A. is back on her bully with her latest track, “Bake Freestyle” which follow up with a visual music video and officially Directed by Marc Diamond,Over a grim, aggressive instrumental, Young M.A. makes it clear that she isn’t playing with anyone, man or woman, she raps at the top of the track. Young M.A. is back to flexing her lyrical prowess on the track, especially in comparison to “Bake Freestyle” which was much more melodic.

Young M.A. has been known to lyrically obliterate instrumentals with a laid back, devil-may-care swagger, “Bake Freestyle” finds her opting for a more melodic approach. The blueprint for previous bangers like “Walk” and “Ouuuu” have been gently placed aside, as M.A. explores a different path altogether.

Though “Bake Freestyle” doesn’t live up to the heights of the aforementioned two singles, it’s still cool to see M.A. evolving as an artist, rounding out her toolkit in new and exciting ways.

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