Txt – Crown

TXT Share New Single “Crown”

TXT also know as TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER  officially dropping new single Tittle “Crown” and following up with the much-anticipated boy group released a fun music video and alot that gives a hint at their debut concept as well as choreography while a lot of people are so excited and it a beautiful moment from the artist.

Big Hit Entertainment has gained a lot of attention for weaving a creative storyline throughout BTS‘ career, and already TXT is promising to feature a similarly intriguing narrative,

According to Big Hit Entertainment, Yeonjun, a skilled dancer, is the eldest of the group at 19, so all of TXT will be teenagers upon their debut. Soobin is 18 and the leader of the team, while Hueningkai is 16 years old.

The Korean title for the song is “One Day Horns Sprouted in My Head,” and the idea seems to be incorporated into their moves for the track. The morse code in the teaser spells out “Crown.”

Take A Listen Below