Trina – Watch The Drip

Trina Release New Single “Watch The Drip”

Trina embodies a traditionally feminine yet brash style, differentiated by a strong regional inflection, separating her from other “femme” rappers, and thus guarding her against the male-dominant “bystander effect” predicated by rap.

Her latest single “Watch The Drip” is but another step in a self-managed career, spanning five albums with lapses in between, beginning on her impressive debut which her bore the nickname, Da Baddest Bitch, a title she carries with her to this day, no matter the weather or (album) delay.

Trina is no longer the biotic force she once was. But on the flip side, her vocal performance on “Watch The Drip” is spirited enough to make up for at least some of those inconveniences. Are you excited for her next album

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