Tiffany Young – Lips on Lips

Tiffany Young Share New Single “Lips on Lips”

Tiffany at her most open and vulnerable lyrically. The song makes references to specific points throughout the 29-year-old’s life, like her experience living in a foreign country

Lips on Lips” is Tiffany Young’s first holiday song as a soloist, even though she’s previously released other Valentine Day time music.

“Lips on Lips” was recorded twice. Once earlier on in the year, January, but I wanted it to pick up faster because if you hear the beginning of the song, it’s kind of in this dazed, dreamy sound and I wanted it to kick off unexpectedly.

I rewrote the song multiple times and finally one was done in April when we were deciding on partnering up with the H&M campaign. I’m the type that always wants to see if there’s more to do, but I have to stop. Somebody needs to tell me to stop.

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