Summer Walker – Girls Need Love (Remix) Ft Drake

Summer Walker Recruit Drake On Remix Of “Girls Need Love”

Summer Walker drop off new remixes Of “Girls Need Love” following biggest rapper alive called Drake and R&B and Soul artists, we’ve gotten a bombardment of welcome identities that easily translate into our own experiences, presenting listeners with music that, while still artful by all means, sheds ambiguity in an increasingly transparent society where memes have us realizing that we all have more in common than we think.

Girls Need Love Remix” is Summer Walker’s breakout hit single. It serves as a confessional, candid vent on the plights facing girls who speak truthfully about the very normal need for affection, love, or any other form.

The remix to “Girls Need Love” is officially out, as previously promised by the 6ix God. While it was only announced a few hours ago, fans have already been reacting to the news, wondering how their sounds would mesh.

It turns out that they actually sound pretty beautiful together. Drake is experienced in this type of R&B vibe, so making his way onto this remix was only natural.

Take A Listen Below