MONSTA X – Give Me Dat

MONSTA X Release New music “Give Me Dat” On Their 2nd Debut Album

MONSTA X continues to hype Monbebes for its upcoming comeback by releasing new single Entitle “Give Me Dat” and the boy group will make its comeback with Take.2 :”We Are Here “on February 18th and a lot of k-pop are so excited and amazing.

This time around, the boys are in a whimsical natural setting, complete with dreamlike colors, winding tree branches, and soft white flowers. In some of their solo shots, the members are posing with a shining red apple, seemingly a major point of their latest concept.

He went on to say, “I got to work with professionals who really know how to sing the song the way it’s supposed to be sung. I really wanted this song to touch people’s hearts and minds. It’s important that the performance really dives into someone’s soul. And MONSTA X knew how to do that.”

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