Martin Garrix – No Sleep Ft Bonn

Martin Garrix & Bonn Haunt On New Single “No Sleep”

Martin Garrix return with a new new single Entitle “No Sleep” which feature fellow singer called Bonn and deliver a Lyrically, the song is about supporting each other and being by your lover’s side and joined me on tour last july to Electric Nation, Vienna and Tomorrowland, Belgium to perform High On Life for the first time.

Diverging from Garrix’ traditional energetic style, “No Sleep” places a greater emphasis on atmosphere and vocals. The most notable element of this song’s composition is the unorthodox drop, which employs more traditional, acoustic instruments in comparison to Garrix’ other synthesizer-laden work.

Lyrically, it centers on the idea that love’s power is unstoppable, and nothing can get in its way, through the metaphor of an ocean that still can’t separate the lovers.

“No Sleep” is a collaboration between Dutch DJ & producer Martin Garrix and American rhythmic pop singer/songwriter Khalid. It marks the first pop-oriented song of Garrix’ since last year’s collaboration with David Guetta, “So Far Away”.

Take A Listen Below