Marshmello – Here With Me Ft CHVRCHES

Marshmello Share New Single “Here With Me” Featuring CHVRCHES

Marshmello officially release awaited track “Here With Me” which recruit CHVRCHES and is a collaboration written by CHVRCHES and produced by Marshmello.

it was also revealed on this page that the primary artist would be Marshmello with CHVRCHES as a feature. There had been some debate on this matter due to Bastille’s upcoming third album.

The artist acknowledges the pain of seeing their partner with someone else, however, he knows the only way to make his lover truly happy is to leave them.

As the song progresses to the chorus, CHVRCHES expresses the strength that the storyteller has found to overcome their fears of talking and deciding to break the “Here With Me” they’ve felt trapped in up until now.

Take A Listen Below