Lil Yachty & Young Thug – Oh Lord

Lil Yachty & Young Thug Live The Rockstar “Oh Lord”

Lil Yachty & Young Thug team up for new banger Entitle “Oh Lord” and his is surely something you want to check out. It has a good blend of both sides of his musical spectrum. He has some melodic stuff in the mix as well as some even more hard-hitting rap stuff as well.

Each of these song goes, and shows what’s exciting about QC artists. “Oh Lord ” pairs Yachty with Thug

The beat feels more curtailed to Yachty’s elementary sound, but Thug, ever the chameleon, has no problem flowing on it. Funk piano jingles subside as Yachty’s verse begin, to give Lil Boat a more minimal backing.

Take A Listen Below