Lil Peep – All Star

Lil Peep Drop Off New Single “All Star”

Lil Peep officially release new single Entitle “All Star” and He narrates how he is experiencing this kind of a lifestyle he developed over his fast pacing career, He also refers to the struggles he had been through in his past and how he’s missed at home.

Peep expresses his fondness of the established automobile brand, speaks on how people are appearing to view him differently now that he has fame and money and makes references and most recognizable and iconic models.

He understands why she feels this way and is attempting to let her know how much he cares for her. He informs her that he just needs some time to get everything sorted out, On “All StarLil Peep talks about his feelings towards his relationship with a girl that is slowly starting to become impatient with him.

This song sets the theme of loss, sadness, and desire that is present throughout the album. The title suggests the person that he considered his lover has a broken smile, giving the imagery of a face in painful hopelessness which would be what the other person would feel.

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