Hopsin – The Old Us

Hopsin Release New Single “The Old Us”

Hopsin is back in his bag with his new track, “The Old Us” The rapper delivers a haunting anthem that’s carried by a hair-raising piano loop and crunchy beats. Hopsin really has the stand-out performance as he holds down both the first verse and the hook.

Arriving with an accompanying video, Hop finds himself dabbling in contemporary musical trends, delivering an Autotune-drenched melody for the chorus. Yet the glossy veneer quickly malleates, as Hop finds himself ripping into the game’s top heap dwellers with a not-quite scathing reflection.

hE has long captivated a cult of loyal followers. Though his outward appearance may be alarming to those unfamiliar with “gothic chic,” Hop has proven himself a viable commodity in a cast of eclectic hip-hop characters.

Take A Listen Below