G Herbo – Up It

G Herbo Drop Off On New Single “Up It”

It doesn’t take long for G-Herbo‘s while he return with a new single “Up It” to establish a nostalgic tone. For one, the percussion is restrained, dare I say intimate, mirroring the vibe of a romantic bedroom jam.

A sensual guitar lick provides the basis for Herbo‘s game-spitting, evoking memories of early millennium RnB jams. It’s not exactly the most awe-inspiring instrumental, but it’s certainly refreshing, allowing Herbo ample space to seduce his titular love interest.

G Herbo uses an eccentric flow that meanders off beat and crawls back into the pocket at random. “Up It” does knock though, and is a single for the streets. and The new single features a bass-heavy instrumental that oftentimes drowns out Herbo‘s raspy and excited vocals. 

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