Bazzi & Lil Wayne – I Don’t Even Know You Anymore

Bazzi Enlist Lil Wayne & Netsky On “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore”

Bazzi’s drop off new single Entitle “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore” and decded to link up with biggest Rapper in town and the following guest appearance includes Lil Wayne and Netsky which illustrates the delicate emotions behind romantic betrayal and regret. With a heavy synth and consistent drums, the instruments underscore his true vulnerability and honesty behind the track.

Like a majority of Bazzi’s songs, “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore” focuses on the theme of love. In this song, the girl that Bazzi is serenading is so beautiful that she appears to be a movie star, and her beauty is further enhanced due to Bazzi being drunk.

He uses this song to admit to the girl the many different ways he has sinned (not responding to her texts, sleeping with her friends, etc.), perpetuating his confusion as to why she still begs for his attention and loves him rather unconditionally.

The ballad was first teased on his Twitter, where it’s unknown whether Bazzi was purposely fishing for retweets or if the song was actually never intended for release like he described.

Take A Listen Below

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