Anderson .Paak – King James

Anderson .Paak Release New Single “King James”

Anderson .Paak Channels “King James” Levels Of Charisma and Paak digs even deeper into his folk-funk mantra than he does on Oxnard, Yet Oxnard pushes this to the sidelines and prioritizes the latter. It largely works out because Paak can still coax engaging melodies out of his raps, even if they’re a bit stilted at times.

On “King James,” Paak shows us to what length he’s willing to bring his flirtatious side to the forefront. Even in the song’s refrain, the listener comes into contact with an Anderson .Paak in full command of his charismatic authority, as inferred by a call and response session ending in “coming with me,” with every utterance.

Dr. Dre are bountiful indeed. So much so that Anderson .Paak, the most recent Aftermath signee, has emerged from the process with two albums on deck. We’ve already heard Oxnard, which found Andy flexing the rap chops and puffing out his chest, a stylistic shift that irked a few day-one fans.

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