AJ Tracey – Nothing But Net Ft Giggs

Giggs Join AJ Tracey On “Nothing But Net” Giggs

AJ Tracey is back with a banger for his new song, “Nothing But Net” and decided to team up with thr fellow singer called Giggs and The rapper flexes his skills as one of the brightest young artists to emerge from the U.K.’s scene in the past few years.

The musically-evolved form that Tracey has ably demonstrated here, puts his newfound songwriting acumen to work. It would seem AJ has surpassed the expectations set before him. No one except his core fans expected him to expand his musical repertoire in such a self-assured manner.

AJ Tracey Drops “Psych Out!” AJ gets back to what he does best play the lothario role without bending out of shape. As the video goes to depict, Tracey is never out of place when a bevy of his scantily-clad friends let themselves GO loose in a rental, champagne-included.

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